Are you trying to plan a wedding but would like to do something different to make it more enjoyable for your guests? Are you planning a small wedding with just a few special people? If you want all the specialness of a wedding ceremony without having to book a church months in advance of your wedding date, there could be a better option for you. Especially if you live near Las Vegas or would not mind traveling to be there. Just consider a chapel in Vegas before you spend the fortune and the time trying to find the perfect church for your wedding ceremony.


Why Choose a Vegas Wedding Chapel?


Las Vegas is the place for people to go who want to elope and marry in secret. It is also well known for marriage mistakes between total strangers. Admittedly, these things do happen in Vegas. However, nowadays people are choosing to come to Vegas for even more traditional weddings with their family and friends in attendance. Many of the couples that visit a wedding chapel for their ceremony have planned it in advance. They simply want the lights and thrill of Las Vegas to be a part of their wedding day celebration.


Las Vegas is also well known for having themed wedding ceremonies. Perhaps Elvis performing your ceremony is something you have always dreamed of but if not, you are not confined to having to choose him over a regular looking Chaplin performing the ceremony.


If this sounds like a fun type of ceremony for you, then perhaps you will want to consider it as one of your options. It does not matter whether you are just getting married to the person of your dreams or renewing your vows for the one you have spent your life with, the fun and the price cannot be beat.


How much Does it Cost to Marry In Las Vegas?


When you choose a Vegas style wedding chapel you are allowing yourself to enjoy all the frills and fancy of a traditional church wedding for a fraction of the price that you would pay for that typical church ceremony. Most chapels offer a variety of package options to help make sure that your wedding day is as special as you could ever dream of it being at a price that will fit into your budget.


If you want a themed package option the prices could go up according to what you want. If you want a traditional wedding ceremony there are options for that as well. Most will cost you less than $500.00. This price may also vary depending on the particular options that you may want. For instance, do you want a DVD of your ceremony or just photographs? It could change your price range.


Most of the package deals offer you everything you need except for the clothes you plan to marry in. If you want to wear the traditional gown, you should purchase one before you wedding day, the same as you would if you were marrying in a church and the groom should purchase his suit. The bouquet and other stuff can be provided by the wedding chapels in Las Vegas, including in some packages the garter belt for the bride to wear under her dress.


A Wedding Ceremony with Style


A lot of people, even those getting married in a traditional setting are opting to have a themed wedding. Your theme options will vary depending on the chapel you choose to get married in. In Las Vegas, it is all about you and your wedding day bliss. If you want to have an outdoor ceremony, choose the chapel that gives you that option. If you want a beach style, disco style, or some other theme for your ceremony, you can have it. Some of the more popular packages include:


*Traditional Romantic



*Rock and Roll

*As well as just the basic chapel ceremony.


Most people come to Vegas with the goal of having a fun ceremony. The Las Vegas wedding chapels are more than happy to make your dream wedding a reality.


Reservations are recommended for any of the wedding chapels in Las Vegas if you have a specific date you would like to get married on. Most of the chapels are willing to do all that they can to ensure that your day comes off without a hitch. To help them achieve this, a reservation is always the best idea to reserve your special spot for your special ceremony. Do not take a chance and miss making sure your day is as special as the two of you are.