If you are looking for some unique places to get married, consider wedding chapels in Las Vegas. These are the places where you get a real feel of the South-western part of the United State. The Las Vegas city is sort of an iconic place to get wedded. Many celebrities have tied the knot at one of these places. These are famous worldwide and are believed to be best Wedding Locations in the world. Marriages at these places are often considered adventurous to some extent due to the themed as well as traditional weddings offered by these locations. These places also offer distinct vegas wedding packages for different budgets.

What to Expect in Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Wedding packages price range from a low cost drive through marriage ceremony price of $99 to the luxurious deluxe package. It is best to decide in advance what kind of amenities you would like to provide at your marriage function; for example cake, flowers, limousine service, photography, reception, music, etc. Don’t forget to decide your budget prior to choosing any package.

Elvis wedding is the most common theme of Las Vegas Wedding Chapels. Some chapels with a large area can provide accommodation to almost 100 guests. There are also some very small ones which do not have enough space for more than 4 people. These all are decorated in the most beautiful way. Some of them have scenic fountains surrounded by twinkling white lights and silk trees. These are best for traditional marriage ceremony. Some of the best ones in Las Vegas also offer discounts in military ceremonies in order to show their appreciation and respect for the active military personnel.

Choosing the Best Wedding Chapel Las Vegas

Use the phone directory or the Internet to search for suitable chapels, and make a shortlist of locations you would like to investigate further. Most chapels Las Vegas have their own websites these days, so you will be able to see pictures and details of the interior and exteriors, and get a good sense of the style and ambience of the place before you make your shortlist.

Visit the chapels on your shortlist in person, and arrange some time with the chapel coordinator to have a thorough look around at all the facilities. Check that it has suitable seating and parking for all your guests, and confirm details about the duration and cost of a typical ceremony. You should also check up on the chapel’s music facilities, dressing rooms and whether it has suitable access and seating for elderly guests, or those with mobility impairments. Make sure you make a wedding checklist of things you don’t want to forget. Also it might also be a good idea to look at the chapel from a photographer’s point of view, and check if there are any attractive gardens or features that you can utilize for your wedding photos. If you are planning on making a wedding video as a memento to the day, make sure you check with the chapel coordinator that this will be allowed.

Some chapels also provide reception rooms and lodging, so ensure you also check out these facilities carefully, and get a brochure with the prices that you can take away with you. If you are asking family members to stay overnight, try and be reasonable and provide a range of options that everyone can afford.

Once you have selected a chapel, book the date of your wedding and check at this point whether there are any particular legal requirements that will need to be settled before the wedding. Most chapels will require you to provide your birth certificate, and also if you are divorced a copy of your final divorce papers. Some chapels may also ask you for a copy of the relevant death certificate if you are widowed, but this is unusual. Be sure to check all the Las Vegas marriage license requirements as your day gets closer to make sure you don’t forget anything. If you have changed your name legally, you may be asked to show this documentation alongside your birth certificate. It is also common to be asked details about your parentage, so make sure if you are booking the wedding on behalf of your partner, you have the full details of both sets of parents in hand, such as full names (including any middle names) and also their full home contact details.

There are many different types of chapels to choose from, and as this is a special day it is important to pick a place you feel comfortable with, or have a personal relationship too. It may be the chapel you were baptized, or a place you visit regularly for worship. If you are not already familiar with the routines of the chapel, it is important to check whether there are any other religious observations during the time you have booked the chapel for, as this may affect the basic decorations. For example if your wedding should fall during a feast day, the chapel may already be highly decorated with flowers and colored fabrics. This may benefit you if you are on a tight budget, as you will save money on decorating the venue yourself, or on the other hand you may not feel the color scheme is appropriate for your wedding, and would prefer to change the date instead.

In Conclusion

As marriage is a once in a lifetime experience, it is significant to make this big day a cherished day and Las Vegas will truly help in this. There are many wedding planners, who can make the arrangements you desire so that everything is ready before you reach there. For people who are in search of a place for resort wedding, even eloping right away and also for destination honeymoon, Las Vegas is the best place as it is full of what you need. The city is considered as the best place for marriages and exciting honeymoons. By following the above tips, you will surely select the best wedding chapel for your needs in Las Vegas.

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