There are many factors that contribute to the success of a wedding in Las Vegas. One of the key factors is the wedding site or location. Las Vegas has become one of the dream locations that couples plan for years just to have their wedding in one of the locations in the city. The many popular chapel wedding sites the city offers give couples a variety of choices to satisfy their tastes and preferences. These chapels are not only uniquely designed but they do offer exciting wedding facilities as well.

That being said, not all these chapels are suitable for your wedding. Some have great receptions while others are just targeted at the wedding ceremony. Since your personal conditions and needs are as unique as your wedding, you must look for a chapel wedding site in Las Vegas that can meet these preferences perfectly. The following are some helpful tips you may want to bear in mind when scouting for the perfect location to say I do.

The Availability of the Chapel Site

As earlier pointed, Las Vegas is a dream wedding destination and this means lots of couples save for years and even make advance bookings to have their weddings within the city. What this means is that availability can be a challenge especially if you haven’t made arrangements in advance. Therefore before you do any other thing including setting aside money and sending wedding cards to your friends and family, you must establish whether your choicest wedding chapel site in Las Vegas is available on the particular day of your wedding.

To make your work easier, you can have a list of all the wedding chapel sites in the city and go over each one as you cross out those that are already booked.

The Facilities Provided

Just like any other wedding site, chapels come with a host of different facilities. Some of them even have photographers on site while others have welcoming bouquet of flowers or offer interior décor for the wedding hall. This is important because knowing the facilities that are offered can help you compare and contrast different chapel sites across the city. If the facilities offered in the particular chapel you have settled for cannot accommodate all your needs, you may want to discuss with the administrators and the organizers in charge of the site for additional.

The Number of Guests Invited

A wedding is not just for the two of you, however, it means a lot to you. The guests you invite or those who have confirmed are such an important factor when looking for a chapel site. Chapels in Las Vegas come in different capacities and you cannot afford to blindly settle on a chapel that doesn’t have the capacity to accommodate your entire list of guests.

The information on the capacity of these chapels can easily be found online or you may want to call the owners or operators of the venue. Knowing how to size your chapel sites will mean your guests are not squeezed while on the other hand getting an oversized chapel can result into a lot of unused space and extra cost.

Accessibility of the Chapel Site

At this stage, you have already crossed out most of the chapel sites that are not favorable for your needs in Las Vegas and you are considering only the few remaining. The suitability of your chapel site cannot be complete without looking at the accessibility. Your guests may come from different directions and use different means to get to your wedding. This means you must evaluate all these scenarios and establish how they will fall into place as far as accessibility is concerned.

After you have confirmed the venue and the accessibility options, all you need is just to attach a map on your invitation cards so as to give your guests an idea of where the site is.

The Budget

The reason why the budget should be the last factor to be considered is because some couples miss out on exceptional wedding venues in Las Vegas because their thinking is so much restricted and tied around the budget. It must be pointed out that you can easily negotiate a price but not a location, size, or even the facilities. This notwithstanding, you must establish the much you are willing to spend or rather how much you allocated the wedding chapel site on your budget.

You should have allowances so that you don’t stick to a solid figure and miss on great deals. The far you have come in terms of your preparation and search for wedding chapel sites should not be lost in a mere addition of a few dollars.

Things to Avoid When Deliberating on a Chapel Site

Having seen the must do things when looking for a wedding chapel in Las Vegas, there are also a number of things that you must avoid if you are to enhance your chances of success and have a beautiful wedding.

Settling on Your Venue Too Soon

While it is important to make prior arrangements and shortlist the venues where you would love your wedding to be held, don’t make up your mind very soon because doing so can lock you out on some great sites. You never know, just shifting your wedding date a little bit by one or two days can get you the best wedding chapel site you have ever dreamt of. Some weddings get cancelled and postponed with time and this can open up some venues that were initially a no-go zone.

Using Separate Venues for Reception and Ceremony

Inasmuch as your guests would not want to stick to one place for 3 plus hours, using venues that are miles apart for your ceremony and reception can be counterproductive. Try putting everything around the wedding chapel site and leave the traveling for your honeymoon destination. This is not only pocket-friendly but it can also save you the organizing trouble.

Overlooking the Importance of Wedding Coordinator

Wedding coordination is what ties the loose ends in a wedding. Irrespective of how glamorous the wedding chapel site is, having a disorganized or poorly arranged wedding ceremony can dampen even the liveliest moments.

Some wedding chapels may have their own in-house coordinators who know the venue very well, but also ensure your coordinator links up with them particularly during the rehearsals to ensure that all the arrangements are in place. Your coordinator is more or less your right hand man and as such you should not overlook such an important role.

Having gone through the dos and don’ts as discussed above, you can confidently walk in to your wedding chapel site in Las Vegas knowing very well that all is taken care of and no surprises will meet you halfway along the aisle.