Congrats, you just got engaged. Spend some time celebrating, but be prepared there is lots to do in regards to planning your wedding. This quick read list will get you on the right path to planning a perfect special day.


Set Your Wedding Timetable

Once everybody finds out you are engaged, they will want to know the date. The reality is you may not be able to set a date you can keep if you don’t make some decisions now to help you better plan.

First you should find out a range that may work, say in the next 6 to 18 months. Think of avoiding holidays and family events, so everyone can attend..


Find A Good Wedding Venue

Before you start planning the food and festivities, buying a wedding dress and coordinating matches brides made accessories, you need to find out where you are going to be. Is this going to be an inside event or outside occasion? Once you have an idea of the environment, weather and amenities that may come with the wedding venue, then you can have a better idea on how to plan the other particulars.


Set a Wedding Budget

Sit down with each other and family to figure out how much money everybody is going to pitch in for the wedding. This way you have a better idea on how to itemize your budget. Prioritize things in order of importance to you but be sure to remember things like wedding dress, food for guests, emergency items for bride etc. Track all your purchases and be sure to have a cusion for incidentals.



While this is not an all inclusive list of things to do, it is definitely enough to get you on the right
path. Remember to have fun, & enjoy your day.