These are no longer the days when a few flowers, balloons and drapes were enough to make a wedding spectacular. People have high expectations when attending a wedding ceremony in Vegas so when you are thinking about how to pick the perfect chapel here are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost the chapel you choose should suit the quintessential ideal that matches the message of the day, for example an Elvis wedding is very radically different from Jewish wedding or a renewal of vows. The perfect Vegas chapel should be able to suit these different needs and tastes. If you want natural light instead of artificial bulbs then a nice chapel for that should have huge windows to let in a lot of radiant sunlight.

1. Consider The Number of Guests You`ll Have
There can be nothing more embarrassing than inviting guests to a wedding only for them to come and miss a place to sit during the ceremony. Planning a wedding can be pretty stressful and you`re allowed to drop the ball on a few things but nobody will forgive you for making them stand endlessly as you say your vows to your partner. The best way to avoid this debacle is to make sure all your guests RSVP so you can get an approximate head count and then find a chapel that has more sits than you need because it`s always better to have too much than not enough.

2. Find a Chapel Where Your Favorite Celeb Got Hitched
Even though celebrities have the worst track records in the world for staying married they sure know how to get hitched in style and there`s no place better than Vegas. Bon Jovi broke many girl`s hearts when he secretly flew to Vegas and married Dorothea Hurley in 1989, the wedding ceremony was kept secret from pretty much everyone including uninvited friends and family. Other A-list celebs include Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy plus Mike Tyson and Lakiha Spicer.

3. It`s Always Smart To Check Out Their Online Reviews
The easiest way to find out if a chapel is perfect to tie the knot is to listen to the advice of people who`ve been there before. If you see a rating of below 4.0 with bad customer experience then it`s probably wiser to keep hunting for a better venue, both Yelp and Google can be quite helpful in this regard.

4. The Perfect Chapel Must Offer Add-on Professional Services
A perfect day needs to be captured forever in eternity which means you need a photographer and videographer to capture every magical moment as it unfolds, the best chapels offer this as a free service. Another critical factor to keep in mind is that your wedding day is meant to be fun and relaxing not a day to worry about whether the caterer is late or if flowers and centerpieces are well arranged, some chapels can be useful in this regard by offering a wedding planner as part of the package so as to ensure everything happens without a hitch. Some chapels take it a step further and ensure that you get a photo with the Vegas sign cause what`s the point of getting hitched in Vegas if you can`t brag about it later.

5. Is There a Wedding Reception Area
It is always far more convenient to have the wedding party close to the chapel so that people don’t have to drive all the way to another location for the reception. A scenic view to watch the sunset or a beautiful water fountain can go a long way to adding a touch of magic to the reception. If the reception is out in the open then make sure the weather is perfect or else people might get rained on.