Ever wondered why the number of people tying the knot in Vegas out numbers those planning a wedding involving guest lists, 3 course meals, bridal party, renting of halls etc? This is because Las Vegas offers a wide array of options and is excluded from certain legal requirements needed to tie the knot. The Vegas option is for those requiring simplicity and could do without the fanfare of planning an elaborate wedding involving family and friends which in most cases might be resource draining. With the current economic situation bordering on recession, it therefore seems like a wise option to save time energy and money by simply hopping aboard a flight heading to Nevada and get the whole process over and done with. Other reasons include:

– No Blood Tests: Nevada is the only state exempted from the usual blood test that is a common requirement for contemporary weddings.

– No waiting period: For most people, marriage licenses in certain states have to be processed which might include a long waiting period of 3 days to 3 months depending on the back log of work in the court processing it. Also, if the wedding is to take place in a hall or church where bookings have to be made months before the due date then most likely than not, a waiting period has to follow. For a Vegas wedding, you can easily drive through several of the chapels available and seal the union by a Elvis personator.

– Cost: the cost of a Vegas wedding cannot exceed $100 as the marriage license itself is between $70-$80 and foreigners need to pay an extra $15-$20 to get a certified copy of the marriage certificate for verification. Other costs that can be avoided include hall rent, food and drinks, waiting service for the wedding etc.

Regardless of where the wedding is taken place, this is an event that holds a lifetime memory for the individuals involved and you definitely do not want to look back on it wistfully and with a heart filled with regret. The excitement, the stress or emotions of the wedding day can case breakdowns or tension and therefore affect the actual wedding process and as a result, it leads to forgetfulness on the part of the parties to be wedded. So if you are considering a Vegas wedding for the above reasons or others not mentioned, here is a brief run through on top ten things not to forget and have handy before getting hitched in one of the many Las Vegas Wedding Chapels.

1. To Verify with the Chapel

If the marriage process was not a spur of the moment decision and has been in the cards for a while, then it is only rational that inquiries be made about the chosen Las Vegas Wedding Chapel about its availability on a certain date or even if some personal requirements can be allowed for in the decoration of the chapel. Although the addition of personal touches may come with added costs, it is a good thing to verify beforehand so as to avoid being caught unawares.

2. Marriage License

Marriage ceremonies when carried out are mostly done with the intent of it being legally binding. As soon as you arrive in Vegas and before checking into your hotel or going to the wedding destination, it is important to get the marriage license before the actual ceremony. Marriages conducted in Vegas without the license are not considered valid in a court of law. Although most of the Las Vegas Wedding Chapels offer to process the licenses, it comes at a steeper cost when compared to obtaining it directly from the County Marriage License Bureau.

3. Booking of the Hotel

Some of the hotels in Las Vegas boast of their very own chapel located either within or adjacent to the hotel structure. You can either go for one of these hotels for convenience sake or simply get a hotel that is closer to the site of the chapel. Also, booking of the hotel beforehand is necessary as Las Vegas is known as a hot spot for thrill seekers. To avoid being stranded with no place to stay or getting accommodation not up to the standards you would care for as a result of last minute booking, then it is best to book beforehand.

4. Wedding Attire

One of the reasons people love organizing flamboyant weddings is as a result of the finery that comes with it. Most brides know that the wedding gowns can only be utilized once but that does not stop them from wanting to look as beautiful as possible. The Las Vegas Wedding Chapels have changing rooms that come with a lot of wedding finery especially for people who made the marriage decision on the spur of the moment. But do you really want the memory of your wedding attire to be of a gown or suit that has been worn by several others before you? It is better to plan ahead , browse both department and online stores for the preferred choice. If you are planning a long trip to Nevada for the wedding, then it is advised that the wedding attire be properly packaged and should be the first thing to g into the traveling luggage.

5. The Three Essentials

For the bride, you do not want to arrive at the wedding venue forgetting the forgetting the four traditional essentials. They are:

– Something borrowed

– Something blue

– Something new

– Something old

These essentials are said to bring luck to the new bride for they are the wishes of family and friends for her as she embarks on a new journey. It is better to get these things before hand from family and friends before making the journey to Nevada and not from strangers at the wedding chapel.

6. Witnesses

Like any traditional court wedding, witnesses are needed at the Las Vegas Wedding Chapel to sign on the marriage license. In most cases, the chapel can provide staff members to serve as witnesses or solicit from strangers walking on the street. But do you really want to look at your marriage certificate and wonder about whom the stranger was that signed? You can choose to bring along two close friends that can also serve as the wedding party or bridesmaid and grooms man to also act as witnesses.

7. Wedding Rings

The ring is the symbol of a relationship whether friendship, engagement and even marriage. After the officiating minister or in the case of Las Vegas, Elvis impersonator is done saying the legally binding words, the next thing in line is the exchange of wedding rings. There are a lot of jewelry stores on the Vegas strip that the rings can be gotten from. Some of the chapels also have collections of rings available for sale to those needing it last minute.

8. Wedding Vows

Instead of making your wedding like every other wedding and having the officiating individual recite the same vows that have been done for others, why not have your partner and yourself prepare a new one. Doing this makes the wedding more special regardless of the fact that it is taken place in a Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. If this has always been on the cards then it is better to practice saying the words beforehand so as to prevent forgetting. If the vows are written on cards to be exchanged or read from during the ceremony, then it is best to prepare them the night before and place inside the pocket of the tux or any place it can be easily reached.

9. Transportation

If you would prefer a more relaxed and comfortable journey to the chapel, it is best to prepare the means of transportation the day before the weeding and not on the wedding day. Las Vegas is known for the numerous limo companies available on the strip so call up one of these companies and book your ride for the d-day. The limo companies also provide side attractions like mini fridges, hot tubs and mini treats that can be indulged in both before and after the ceremony. On your way to one of the many Las Vegas Wedding Chapels, you can always imbibe a little bit of liquid courage in the form of champagne to steel shaky nerves.

10. Wedding Photographs

Although the human memory takes note of important events that can be reflected upon in future, it cannot be trusted to last for a long while. Having video or photo proof as the wedding ceremony is under way gives you something to behold as you laugh or cry in fond remembrance. Remember to arrange for a photographer if not a videographer and the person does not have to be a professional rather, it can be a family friend or one of the employees in the wedding chapel.

The above are essential things that should be planned for and not forgotten when planning a Las Vegas Wedding.