Are you looking for a way to get married and avoid all or most of the hassles that are normally associated with traditional weddings? Are you burned out on making all of the usual arrangements with a limo, flowers, photographer, location, and everything else that depends on you getting them done, not to mention overseeing everything to make sure that things get done the way you want them done? If you are looking for a way to get away from all that and just get married, then spend some alone time with your new spouse, thousands of couples every year have a recommendation for you: a Las Vegas wedding.


Far From the Usual


When you think of a Las Vegas wedding, most people think of the usual packages usually held at the quaint little chapels that have lined the Strip for years. The trouble with this is that far from being the standard, these are the exception. The truth is that a Las Vegas wedding can be practically anything you want it to be, except for the hassles of the event you have planned.


Whether you decide to take advantage of one of the wedding chapels that Las Vegas is so well known for or opt for something that could be described as nothing less than elegant, the truth is that a wedding in “Sin City” can be virtually anything you want it to be.


Las Vegas weddings are far from the chinsy, plastic events that most people associate with the idea. Instead, not only do virtually all of the larger hotels in Las Vegas feature some kind of wedding chapel, but nearly all of them have areas and packages that will allow you to simply show up and say “I do.” Nearly everything else that would make a wedding what it should be is already available, usually in the very same building that you will have your nuptials in.


No Muss, No Fuss


Everything begins with a license, which can be obtained quickly at the Clark County license bureau, which for a fee can be issued while you wait. Once you have your marriage license, you can take it to one of the many small wedding chapels, which will not only create the event for you, including everything you could ever want such as a cake, rings, flowers, photographer, minister of your choice, and much more.


If your preference is for a more formal event, you would need to contact one of the hotels, specifically one of the larger ones, and ask what they require to hold a wedding. Some ask couples to provide their own rings, minister, and other specifics, while the same will provide flowers, a chapel, and more.


Suffice it to say that in Las Vegas you can get virtually anything you want, for anything you want to pay, anytime you want it. The best way to approach getting started is to contact some of the hotels, wedding consultants, chapels, and other service providers and ask for advice. In most cases, at least that much is free of charge. The good news in this is that regardless of how you do it, your Las Vegas wedding will be memorable.

Make your wedding a success.


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