Every 14th day of February, many people dating try to impress their partners by arranging for a surprise valentine date. You do not have to have a million dollar idea to be happy, but there are small ideas when packaged remain memorable for long. To a woman, this is a great day and a man who truly cares must think outside the box. Here are simple but unique valentines day ideas.



One often overlooked opportunities for those who have been together for some time and are in a serious relationship is the Valentines Day wedding. Make a romantic day into a lifetime memory and commitment. There are various packages available, but some of the cooler wedding packages are in Las Vegas. This way you can have your romantic Valentines day wedding and kick start your honeymoon at an affordable price.


For those in relationships that are good but not that serious to book a vegas wedding package, below you shall find various other Valentines Day ideas.


Physical activities


There are various physical activities that get your heart rate going during the valentine day. For example, surprise your fiancé with an ice-skating package or a simple beach walk. While doing the physical activity, pimp it up with a wine bottle. The physical activities help to boost predictable relationships. It can help to start a new relationship. Be creative enough to take your partner out to a painting shop where you will have time to talk. A good idea during valentine is to invite your loved ones and start cooking together. This means you are both engaged in the physical activity.


Recreate the first date


To many people who are dating, the first date holds some important memories and value. The best Valentines Day ideas are to recreate your first date when you fell truly in love. If you can remember, go to the same place you first went, go to the same movie theater or go clubbing to the same bar you went. Anything you did during the first day will be a good idea for the valentine. For those whose first date was a disaster, you can still recreate but make sure it is something better this time.


Chocolate fun


For people who love chocolate, this is the ideal fun and sexy idea. Consider making a bunch of chocolate puddings then feed one another. To have a good time, consider feeding one another near the fireplace. Since this might end up being a food fight, lay a rug or a blanket. This is the most affordable idea.


Romantic scavenger hunting


Although valentine is the day to express the love, you can spice things up by being naughty. Buy presents your loved one likes like perfumes, candy kisses or roses. Have several presents like poems or valentine card made by hands. Makes sure to write some clues attached on favorite presents leading them to a place where the next present in line is located. You can be naughty by making sure the last present lasts like a package for a surprise dinner, champagne located near the fire place of your favorite night lingerie located on the bedroom.


Romantic photo shoot


One idea every person would love on a valentine day is the surprise romantic photo shoot. Hiring a professional photographer who has skills to take the best pictures can help achieve the desired result. These pictures are printed and framed, and then hanged in the house. This can be the most memorable thing to do.

To those who want to spend time indoors but still have fun, buying a CD that plays romantic songs are an ideal package gift. The CD sets the mood and shows that a person has gone out to get something unusual.