Getting married is a wonderful thing every one dreams of and finding the right person a rare jewel which he that finds will always live to celebrate. Every wedding is unique based on the peculiarities of the couple, their back ground and desires. Before enjoying the numerous after effects or benefits of marriage, one may want to consider what makes a good and successful wedding.

Before the ceremony, it is important to calculate the cost of the ceremony and the invited audience or guest. After the wedding is the marriage a significant point to consider as one wouldn’t want to begin a married life in debts because expenditures were extravagant and one sort to please all guests to the detriment of their couple. Therefore the cost is of primordial importance, which should enable couple start a humble happy beginning without debts. When one starts right, a happy long life will be the subsequent outcome regardless of numerous challenges which may surface.

Again, what makes a successful wedding has much to do with its planning to the organization, the ceremony and how satisfied one is to see that they are united in matrimony with the better half of themselves. Planning entails organization, choosing the desired location which communicates the couples idles, uniqueness and most of all what makes the day peculiar to both of them, all things taken into consideration.

Finally, the health status of both parties is a significant subject of discuss to ensure that there are no skeletons in the cupboard from both sides with no unpleasant surprises, which could affect future children, lead the couple to a break up, mistrust and the rest. Therefore, knowing the medical history will make room for transparency, trust and mutual confidence, eventually a happy married life.