Ok, so your wedding planning is going wonderfully, but you’ve almost forgot to think about the reception after the official wedding ceremony. This is the time where you can have a bit of fun & let loose from the formal. Your guest are going to be ready to eat, drink, dance, & enjoy themselves, so it’s a great idea to have fun things to do. Here are some tips to help you keep your reception organized with energy & fun!


Play A Game – Legos In Bulk

If you’ll have guests seated at tables, head over to eBay and stock up on Legos. You can even purchase them in bulk by color, if you want to keep it stylish. Trust us, those blocks have no age limit. Invite your guests to create their own Lego centerpieces and be prepared to be blown away by their creations. It’s a wedding game, and a decoration solution all in one.


Plan for Children

To keep children entertained & also provide their parents an opportunity to enjoy themselves, give them their own designated area. Sometimes in a separate room, arrange for a trusted family member or babysitter to set up and oversee movies, games, crafts or a children dance party. You can also set up a few tables topped with activity books, crayons, games & toys.


Think It Through

Be sure to think through the whole event. If your ceremony is going to be lengthy maybe consider your first dance be the opening of the reception that way you can relax afterwards & enjoy everyone else. If your planning on having a heavy meal at reception then this is absolutely essential, you don’t want to have to dance after a big meal. Also consider which activities you’ll do to involve others, places to allow people to make toasts and/or interact with everybody. Being thorough here is just as important as the wedding planning. You can decide to open & close your reception highlighting the bride/groom, while making your guest feel included in the middle.


Hopefully these tips help spark some ideas of direction of how you can make sure the fun continues even after the main event at the wedding chapel has been realized.