Choosing your wedding photographer boils down to style decision. Just as you pick colors for your wedding venue, your wedding photography style is more of a personality and preference decision than any other aspect. There are various options available in photography styles that you should know as you make your decision. Discussed below are a few of the common ones.

Digital Photography

In Las Vegas weddings, digital is one of the most common ways of shooting. The biggest advantage with this style is time. You can literally see your snaps a few days after the wedding. Also, digital cameras shoot well in low lighting and this is an added feature for afternoon to evening weddings.


Images done with film have some sort of a soft and organic quality to them. The range of film photography is quite wide from highlights to shadows. The only thing you need to factor in when choosing film is that the costs are a bit higher and the processing and editing of images takes time.

Classic Photography

When deciding on the look of your photos, you may want to think of classic images. If you fancy your parents or grandparents wedding albums, you can choose to have the same style for your wedding. The beauty with this style of photography is that its photos reflect reality and the images are infused with the artistic prowess of your photographer.


To pull this off, your photographer must manipulate lighting. It takes quite some time to master off camera flash photography because your shooter must create their own light in case the sun isn’t giving enough light as expected.

Other styles you may want to consider include documentary, lifestyle, and artistic. All these styles can produce picture-perfect images depending on who you pick as the photographer.