So you’re considering taking the plunge of a life time and delving into marriage – but you’re not looking for any old wedding – you want something glamorous and stunning, something to remember – you want to have your marriage ceremony at a Las Vegas wedding chapel!

Glitz and glamour surround you in the capitol of marriage; the city itself glitters like a gem in the desert. You can find a Las Vegas chapel on just about every street you turn down – especially down-town along the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip. Signs shout from you at every direction – this is the one town where your wedding can be absolutely – anything – you want it to be.

Las Vegas has no waiting period for your marriage license and as a result -hundreds of Las Vegas chapels stand at the ready as more than 110,000 happy couples a year take the leap and make the decision that will set the tone for the rest of their marriage – what sort of ceremony will it be?

While Las Vegas is, of course, famous for its cheesy weddings – with hard pews lined up in small rooms on outdated orange carpets, dust caked plastic flowers lining the aisles and fat Elvis himself performing the ceremony, it’s far from all that Sin City has to offer its matrimonial patrons!

Lavish ceremonies can be held in just about every casino – from deluxe ball rooms with windows overlooking pools that look like they were dropped from the set of a beach movie or views of the strip to beautiful draping and furnishings that look as though they were fit for royalty, the high end ceremonies that can be had in many a Las Vegas chapel – will be sure to thrill and delight.

Multiple chapel themes are available for you to choose from at many chapels and some large companies can have up wards of 7 different rooms on site. Everything from an enchanted garden setting to a gorgeous Greek theme is obtainable for you to create your dream wedding, exactly how you had always imagined.

Most chapels offer customization for flowers and color schemes as well as menu and bar options for classy high-end events.

If you’re not into going all out – and you’re after something quainter – there are still plenty of affordable options in the city that will give you memories you’ll hold dear for a lifetime.

Small – but classy chapels can seem few and far between, but I assure you, they do exist. Ones with fresh flowers and updated décor – with or without Fat Elvis, or any other Elvis for that matter – can be found on occasion, tucked away behind other flashier businesses, and generally offer reasonable prices.

If you’re looking to have an outdoor wedding – be sure to think ahead. Summer months in Las Vegas (May-September) can be unbearably hot – heavy dresses and suits will be too heavy – and unaccustomed guests will be uncomfortable in the heat. Consider having the wedding inside a nicely cooled chapel like the Plaza Chapel.

Planning to visit Las Vegas in late March and early April will allow for you to enjoy the pleasant spring days, with plants in full bloom that Las Vegas has to offer without the unbearable heat.

If you’re just looking to elope in Las Vegas – and do it quickly – there’s also the handy option of a drive through marriage – no need to step foot out of your car or off of your motorcycle. You’re in and out in a matter of minutes – this is the perfect option for the people who want no fuss involved in their marriage.

There’s something about being in love in Las Vegas that makes it that more magical – it’s been romanticized since its beginning, the sparkling lights and endless nightlife. Marriage is a gamble so it makes sense that it be solidified in Vegas. Just don’t forget – to always bet on each other.

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