Getting married in Las Vegas is a dream come true to some couples, getting married married in Vegas is a whole different experience that can’t be experienced anywhere else in the world but the desert city of Las Vegas. An average of a hundred and twenty thousand wedding happen in Las Vegas every month and that doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon.


This is mostly promoted by the fact that it is very easy to get a marriage certificate in Las Vegas, it is also relatively quick and cheap to have a marriage ceremony and a honeymoon in VegasMarriage laws in Vegas are fairly lenient. Marriage certificates can be obtained at the Clark county marriage licence bureau, after filling the necessary forms and paying a seventy dollar fee, it only takes less than ten minutes for the marriage certificate to be processed. The marriage certificate is only valid for a year and a marriage ceremony must occur in order to have a legal marriage union. Vegas weddings are legal in the USA.


However non-American citizens may need additional or special documentation to ensure the marriage is recognized in their country.Due to the high number of weddings in Vegas wedding planing and other wedding related business are always in competition and there are many marriage packages that are offered by companies that offer wedding services. There are over 50 chapels in Vegas where marriage ceremonies are performed at a cost. These weddings can also be done in different themes depending on the couple, some common themes include; fairy tale, star trek, Hawaiian, goth and many more to chose from.
Same sex marriages have also been allowed since 2014. Las Vegas, Nevada has been and will continue to offer dream weddings to couples who seek to have a different experience during their most important day in their lives.