There is a common saying that what happens in Vegas remains there. While there is some element of truth to this statement, there are many good things that happen in Vegas. If you are the spontaneous type, a wedding in Vegas is something you may want to do. Forget the perception about weddings in Las Vegas being about drunken couples that cannot remember anything in the morning, the wedding industry in the city can accommodate any type of wedding for serious couples. Considering that the city has an average of 400 weddings a day, it means that there is something wonderful about having your wedding in Vegas. The famous Las Vegas wedding chapels offer numerous wedding themes that attract people from far and wide.


Should you choose to be married in Las Vegas, you are required to present some form of identification to prove that you are over 18 years old. If you are below between 16 to 18 years old, it is possible to get married in the city as long as you have one of your parents present. You can however be allowed to marry if you have been granted permission by your parents in writing.


There are many advantages of getting married in Las Vegas wedding chapels. One of the most notable benefits you get from getting married in the city is that you can have the ceremony on a budget. While in other places you have to spend a lot of money planning and holding a wedding ceremony, you do not need a lot of money to get married in Vegas. The cost of your wedding will be determined by your preferred theme. You can choose to have a simple wedding or opt to have a custom wedding. The two weddings will have a huge cost disparity.


The wedding chapels in Vegas are loved by many because you will find skilled marriage organizers to help you in arranging your wedding. Unlike having a wedding in other cities where you have to plan for months, you can plan and have your Vegas wedding in an hour. Whatever you need for your wedding is available on demand. If you do not have the tuxedos, or a wedding limousine, you just have to ask and you will have them in minutes. While getting married in other places requires months of planning, you can get photographers or someone to supply fresh flowers in minutes.


Once you have everything in place, you can choose to have a short ceremony in the chapel and proceed to a reception at a hotel or any other location. If you have gone to Vegas for a bit of gambling, you do not have to leave the casino to get married. Some of the large casinos have a chapel within their grounds where you can gamble, win and get married without going anywhere else. As a bonus, you get to stay at the honeymoon suite in the casino’s hotel.


If you fancy a gladiator wedding, you will be amazed how fast you will get the costumes. If you have always dreamed of having a different type of wedding, then you need to visit Vegas for the ceremony.


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