The bridal shower is a must-have pre-wedding ritual where female relatives and close friends come together and throw a party in honor of the bride to be. Traditionally, this event also incorporates gifts. There are some frequently asked questions on how to go about organizing a bridal shower and the etiquette around such events.

Demystifying a Bridal Shower

Bridal shower is a tradition which can be traced back to the 16th century. The whole essence of this event was to shower gifts to the bride to be especially where they couldn’t afford dowries so that they can have enough cash and a few other household items to enable them set up their marital home. Today, it is more of a celebration of the upcoming marriage.

Who Should Arrange the Bridal Shower

The maid of honor has the responsibility to organize this event. Etiquette suggests it should be hosted by one of the family members of the bride. Things are quickly changing and at times you may find the bride herself hosting it and if they are lucky enough to be in Las Vegas, they can host it in one of the hotels around.

Can the Bridal Shower Take the Place of Hen’s Party?

As the bride, you may opt for one or both. Depending on your preferences, you may start with kitchen tea for family members, then the hen’s night for your friends, and thereafter the bridal shower which includes even your work colleagues. In case you plan to have more than one bridal shower, invite different people into these.

Bridal Shower Timing

The ideal time to have your bridal shower should be about 4 to 6 weeks into your wedding. The reason behind this is that the bride to be has plenty of time and not as yet engrossed into the nighty gritty of wedding planning.

For the event, you can serve food and drinks including cakes, fruits, pastries, and any other additions you may want to place on top. It’s your day so celebrate with your friends and relatives!