A wedding is one of the most joyous occasions of your life. The mention of a wedding brings up images of merry music, bright dresses, good food and lots of love. The excitement that comes with a wedding leads many people to overlook the small bits and pieces needed to make this event possible. To make a memorable wedding, you need to keep in mind the following 9 items:
1. Bridal Emergency KitStories abound of brides who forgot to wear lipstick as they were rushing into the limo outside. And yes, you might break a heel off your stiletto just before taking your vows. The emergency kit will save the day.
2. Wedding Direction SignsGet a designer to make decorated signs placed along the way to guide visitors. The signs should ideally be placed the day before the wedding to assist early arrivals. Also, remember to place signs marking reserved seats for special guests.
3. Guest ListIf you have an invite-only wedding, you will want to have the guest list early enough to avoid confusion. The person handling the list should arrive at the venue earlier to organize arrivals before the ceremony.
4. Wedding PlaylistMusic sets the overall mood of your wedding and gives life to your guests. Once you identify the musician or orchestra to play music at your wedding, you need to give them a list of preferred music a few days before the wedding so they can prepare accordingly.
5. Flower BouquetsChoose flowers that match the theme of the wedding. Light colors make the best choice for weddings, and are carried by both the bride and the bridal party.
6.LingerieAfter the wedding, you will not have time to rush to the house to prepare for your honeymoon. Get your favorite lingerie in a small handbag or clutch that you can carry with ease.
7. Food and DrinksHave a clear list of available food and drinks to choose from. If possible, have a menu placed on every table so guests may make their choice.
8. CakeThe cake is perhaps the focal point of any wedding. Arrange for the cake to be set up alongside knives and forks before the ceremony begins.
9. SpeechesAll speakers should have a copy of the wedding program and speech session beforehand to avoid confusion. The order of speaking depends on the preference of the newlyweds.
ConclusionA happily-ever-after should begin right from the altar. This means getting it right from the day of your wedding. Remembering the above items will save you a lot of rush and give you enough time to enjoy your happy day.