Walking through the road to YES I DO’ has always remained a beautiful adventure in life. In fact, it’s counted as a lifetime achievement. Once the involved parties have made vows of a life commitment to one another, the wedding bells starts ringing. The dream of having the best memorable, splendid wedding starts tickling in mind. However working out this dream to reality can either be a success or a shock, depending on one’s wedding preparation and knowledge ranging from wedding arrangements plans to the venue. Therefore below are things to consider in preparation to ensure that your wedding becomes as beautiful, colorful and remarkable as you had once thought of.

Wedding style

Come up with the type of wedding that you want. It can either be a traditional or a non- traditional wedding. A traditional wedding wouldn’t require much preparation as compared to a non-traditional one. The color to be used in decorations and the various colors and activities like dancing too should be accounted for in advance.

Number of guests

Come up with a list of those you desire to witness your wedding. With the rough estimate budgeting and selecting the right venue becomes easy since some chapels are limited in facilities and space to host a large number. Considering that you need ample space for dancing, the bands , table space and bustling waiters. Consider a spacious venue.

The geographical area

The venue should be accessible by the guests. Have in mind that the guest come from different parts of the country. Therefore the venue directions, landmarks and map should be clear in the invitation card. Include symbols indicating directions (north, south west east etc). its necessary you make a trip around the route to make sure that everything in the map is accurate and easy to follow. If there are some friends traveling ensure that the chapel has some lodging facilities or is near the airport.

The weather conditions

The weather can be a limiting factor to guests, especially if most of the day’s activities are to be held outdoors in a hot or a rainy day. Guests are uncomfortable facing the sun. Therefore one should ensure that there are canopy or table umbrellas to screen the sun. The guests can also be advised prior in the invitation cards to carry sun glasses, hats and sunscreen to shield them from harmful sunrays. in summer it would be wise holding the event in the evening rather than midday. If the weather turns to be extremely cold or wet having the wedding in the tents or indoors would be a good idea.

Special requirements

In wedding occasions we expect people with varied needs from disabilities, eating habits, children and even smokers. Therefore to avoid embracement ensure that all these people are well catered for. Read the rules and regulations set by the venue management. If there is any that is not clear always ask for clarification. Therefore always highlight important special factors to consider before signing the contract.

Other activities in the same venue

Enquire on other anticipated events to take place in the same environment same day. To have a memorable day with full energy and concentration from both the managerial staff and guests the environment should offer minimal or no interruption at all. The traffic jams and surrounding congestion should also be taken into account when selecting the best wedding date to avoid guest delay.

Parking space

Ensure that parking plans and logistics are clear. Therefore highlight on parking fee if any, the entry points, nearby parking lots, point out if there will be shutter services or valet parking to avoid confusion on the great day. Have the map and directions of the parking area’s clearly shown separately on the invitation cards.


Planning wedding can be hectic if one is too busy or limited in time. Therefore, hiring professional event and wedding coordinators would help you turn the whole event fantastic by coordinating activities like; decorations, music and catering on your behalf. Also enquire if the venue provides these services to the clients at a fee or free of charge.

Catering services and cost.

Food and beverages take a good portion of the budget. You should ensure that the budget doesn’t strain you beyond limits. Ensure that you get high quality catering services. Indicate the number of photographers, assistants, band roadies that will also grace the event. The wine, drinks, snacks and meals should be amazing and ready at the expected time. This will help the caterers to prepare well.

Visit the site at different times

Don’t be satisfied by visiting the chosen site only once. Visit it again at a different time of the day. compare the lighting, ensure they meet your stylistic requirements and logistics. The charm you noticed the first time should be maintained even in the second round. You can also visit the place with your planners to ensure you feel satisfied by the place.

Enquire more about the services.

Enquire from other couples who once used the venue for satisfaction. To make informed decision one needs to listen to the rapport of other experienced couples. Consider the interpersonal relationship with the staff. Are they friendly and easy to work with? Are they enthusiastic? Are they free and ready to listen? Do you have confidence and trust in them? The food offered? Any spatial shortcomings occasionally experienced? If the answer to all these is a yes go on with the deal if not consider changing the venue.

Clarify on payments.

Have a clear budget with specified expenses on; music, photographers, wedding gowns, invitations cards, the flowers and labor costs. Write them in order of priorities. Make sure that you have an agreement with the venue manager and all the professionals involved before sealing the deal.


Choosing a suitable wedding site has turned to be a hectic experience for some couples who later wished that they had learnt on some of these things before embarking on the real exercise. Be careful to have experienced planners to assist you go through the whole exercise. Above all don’t let the view of others solely play part in your decision making. Taste and opinions vary from one person to the other.



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