One of the things you do after setting the wedding date is to start scouting for wedding venues. But, before you make a decision, keep the following factors in mind:

a) Guest List – If your guest list is small, then you can have the wedding in your backyard or barn. If it is a moderate list, then a small chapel or a farm will be able to accommodate your guests. Nevertheless, if you want to create a sensation, then the big church is ideal for your big list of guests.

b) Wedding Budget – Creating a budget ensures you do not spend frivolously. If you plan it well, you will get your dream wedding. Choose a venue that will fit within your budget. Some couples keep will cut down on the cost of the venue, but splurge on the food to be served at the wedding. Some couples prefer a destination wedding and will cut down the guest list to afford a good venue and a great meal.

c) Type of venue – While most couples prefer Las Vegas wedding chapels or a big church wedding, there is an emerging trend of non-conventional venues. You can choose an Elvis style wedding at one of the Las Vegas wedding chapels or mountain tops or even under water if you want to make it a scintillating experience.

d) Catering services – One of the deciding factors must be the catering services offered at the venue. Taste the food and then finalize the caterer. If the food is not good, then it somehow takes out the fun of the wedding. Work with the caterer and select on a menu that compliments the style and ambiance of the wedding.

e) Décor – Some venues offer to do the décor based on the theme of your wedding. If you are getting wed on a ranch, then go for a cowboy or retro theme. If you choose a beachside wedding, then flowers and vines and color should be part of the décor. Keep the style, mood and the setting in one unique theme.