Looking radiant and fresh on your wedding day is essential. The key to attaining a hassle-free event is preparedness. Despite having a wedding planner and several other people lending a hand, the couple themselves should be involved in the entire process. Here are useful tips before your big day:The following are 4 Things The Groom Should Prepare Before the Wedding

• Make a timetable.

Even if you hired a wedding coordinator to do everything for you, it is important that you are aware of the progress so that you won’t get setbacks during the big day. Prioritize vital items like documents, venue, bride and groom and the entourage’s attire. Ask the planner to submit a progress report daily so you can track people’s movements and stick to your schedule.

• Gather your suppliers.

With so many things to do, it is possible to forget individual meetings with your vendors so it would be best to bring them all together in a group conference. Talking to all of them at once is similar to a brainstorming session where each can give a suggestion. It will make the event more synchronized and polished. Meet with them weekly to get updates.

• Delegate tasks

Bridesmaids, in a sense, are there to assist the bride so meet with them and give them little things to do such as helping with the guest list, managing the souvenirs, escorting you to fitting and food sampling.

• Do simultaneous fitting.

Notify your entourage for a group fitting to maximize time and output. Doing it together is the bonding time for the people who don’t know each other. Fit shapewear including accessories so you can see the whole look. Advice your people to avoid taking pictures of their outfits to keep the excitement.

After the selection, instruct them to have the dresses delivered a day before the wedding for final testing and adjustments, then let it rest by putting it in a sealed bag and store safely.

• Do a trial for hair and makeup.

Ensuring your fabulous appearance on your special day is a must so call your girls and ask your stylist to schedule a day to try on various looks. Choose one, which complements your dress and opt for a natural look. Looking crass is the last thing you want.

• Book individual dressing rooms.

While it is tempting to book a room with your bridesmaids or groom on the day of your marriage, having a lot of scampering people around adds stress and anxiety to the supposedly blushing bride. It is best to have individual rooms for the wife-to-be, husband-to-be, groomsmen and bridesmaids. If you need help or emotional support, let them come over when you are done.

• Prep your essentials.

Arrange your belongings as a set, so you have fewer things to do on your nuptial. Put them in a box or bag days ahead, so you won’t have to scramble and panic while getting dressed. Provide a list to your coordinator about the things that you need to return post-wedding.

• Pack a wedding kit.

Make a pouch containing the following:

Breath spray
Mini scissors
Eyelash glue
Mini sewing kit
Stain Eraser
Textile glue
Nail polish
Medication (pain relievers, maintenance, anti-allergies)

• Get rid of your gadgets.

Constantly checking your e-mails or fiddling with your phone minutes before walking the aisle will only add to your sensitivity and may result in an upset stomach or a headache. Relax as much as possible by listening to soothing music or getting a foot massage. Have an onsite therapist and beauty technician so your guest can also pamper themselves while waiting.

• Have Fun

A wedding should be jubilant and spontaneous so despite the many things to do, remind yourself and your groom to get some alone time before the wedding and make good memories either on your own, with personal friends or with each other.