A wedding is one of the most important milestones in the life of a couple and as such, it needs to be treated with the respect and honor it deserves. The day should be approached with due diligence, making sure that everything works according to the plans. But due to the high stakes at the chapel on the wedding day, there are quite a few things that the groom might forget.
While some of these may not create a major impact on the day, there are those that can adversely affect the groom’s ability to deliver on this day. The following are some of the 6 most important things that the groom should always remember on this day.
1. Remember To Have A Heavy Breakfast
Now, we all know that weddings are an occasion to feast and you are probably wondering just why a heavy breakfast is necessary. Well, as you may also know, the day is usually a beehive of activities and regardless of the number of people hired to oversee specific duties and assignments on this day, a groom will still find himself moving around, perhaps more than anyone else, tying to see to it that things work as planned.
A heavy breakfast consisting of a balanced diet, but leaning more towards energy-sufficient carbohydrates and slow-digesting proteins will keep you going before you can settle down for the biggest moment of the day.
2. Remember To Eat Right
Contrary to popular belief, a groom should not be more concerned about how much they eat on their wedding day but rather what they eat. And we are not here to tell you to avoid foods that cause you allergic reactions because that you can remember like the back of your hand.
On the contrary, we are here to warn you about the foods that may cause you a huge embarrassment such as garlic, tuna fish, strong coffee and raw onions. Unless you plan to keep a heap of chewing gums in your pocket to deal with you bad breath, these foods should be avoided at all cost.
3. Remember To Smile And Compliment The Bride
On your wedding day, you will probably be meeting for the first time some great friends, family members and business associates you have not met in a long time. As you share light moments together trying to catch up, do not be so distracted that you forget the reason for the occasion.
This is a big day for you and your bride and as such, ensure nothing else steals the spotlight. Smile at her, compliment her and shower her with praises at every chance you can get.
4. Remember To Take Care Of Your Grooming
You probably already have professionals hired to see to it that you are well-groomed and ready for the big day. However, they will not always be by your side and since there are way too many photographers dying to have a photo of you, ensure you remain as well-groomed as possible & make sure your wedding package comes with photos included.
Occasionally, you may have to make trips to the washrooms or any other place that has a mirror to ensure the tie is well-adjusted and that the coat doesn’t lean on one side. These may sound very trivial until they are captured on camera.
5. Remember To Remain Jovial Despite The Circumstances
Let’s face it, the joy most grooms have on their wedding day is normally neutralized when they try to remember how much money they have spent. Men will always think about money, regardless of the occasion.
However, this should be that moment when you forget all your financial woes and focus on the spirit of the occasion. It is a day of feasting and merrymaking so all those racing thoughts about your personal finances can wait till the morning after. Nobody needs a gloomy face on a wedding day, less so from the man of the moment.
6. Remember To Take Care Of The Little Things
Last but not least, remember to take care of every little detail. Again, there could be wedding planners that you may have hired but let’s face it; when things begin to go south, the buck will definitely stop with you.
Walking up to the kitchen to ensure that food preparation is going on as planned, or checking that the cake has arrived and in perfect condition are just some of the things that may require you personal involvement. Just imagine a scenario where the best man happens to have forgotten the ring; will you be able to take the heat?
The above points are some of the most important things that a groom should never forget on the wedding day. We hope you enjoyed the blog and we welcome any additions to our list.