Many couples would like to reaffirm their love & commitment to each other by renewing their vows. They can choose to do it privately or publicly. Vow renewing ceremony is a very significant event for married couples no matter how long they have been married. There are many reasons as to why renewing wedding vows is essential. So of the reasons include

* Being a special anniversary it is vital to renew the wedding vows. It can be the fifth, 10th, 20th, 25th or 50th anniversary.

* If you would like to make a statement of your love & commitment to one another in public.

* If particular family members or friends did not attend your wedding for some reasons, and now you want to share your wedding vows with them.

* Your wedding was civil, and you would like to have a church wedding.

* You initially had a church wedding, but now you would like to have a ceremony without restrictions.

* You marriage has been through a difficult time and you would like to start afresh.

* You can now afford a decent wedding ceremony and reception you could not provide when planning your original wedding.

Renewing your vows is a ceremony that is not bided by any law. It is an emotional, symbolic ceremony. In fact, licenses or paperwork are not required. However, some wedding chapels or officiants may ask for a wedding certificate to confirm you are a married couple.

It is also crucial to note that a vow renewal ceremony is not a second wedding. However, there are many factors to consider when planning your vow renewal package. For example, your event should be as simple as possible. You can have new rings or have your wedding rings blessed, but there no bachelor or bachelorette parties, a wedding cake or a gift registry. However, it is your event; you are free to make your own rules.

How to plan your vow renewal package

When planning a vow renewal ceremony, there are many things to do and not to do. Unlike an ordinary wedding, you do not need traditions or customers rules too guide you. The vow renewal is an intimate celebration of family and friends. Just like a wedding, you should start by planning the number of guests you to attend, and the type of ceremony and reception you want. Then set a date and the budget, and later choose a suitable venue for everyone. For your reception, you can decide to have it catered or decide to enjoy it at a restaurant.

Do you need an officiant for vow renewals

Unlike when planning a wedding, here you do not need an officiant to perform the ceremony for you. However, you can choose a judge or a clergy member to officiate the service to make it more significant. Some people even prefer a relative or friend to act as officiant.

Ordinary wedding vows might not be appropriate for your vows renewal. Happily, there are many samples vows to choose from. You pick an example and modify it to fit your occasion. You can also select some to help you write your vows.