If you are thinking about the perfect place to have a low-key wedding at an affordable price, then Las Vegas is the place for you! Considered to be a hot spot for airlines, low prices are always to be found.
Las Vegas is well known for the all-night wedding chapel, but it also caters to more traditional weddings as well. Try checking out the hotels on the strip and the wedding packages they feature.
If you’re throwing a bachelorette or bachelor party, then get ready to experience all the terrific shows and clubs Las Vegas has to offer. As a bonus, several packages offer Limo services which will drive you and your entire party to and from your destinations.
You can marry in jeans, in a gown, in a car, in a helicopter, or even dressed as someone else! You don’t have to follow the conventions; you don’t even have to be you when you get married! In Las Vegas everything is possible!
Las Vegas can bring you anything as well. Everything can be perfect, the flowers, the cake, there are specialists for everything.
Keep your money in your pockets and spend a much smaller amount on a trip to Las Vegas instead. Enjoy yourself; it’s your wedding day.
If you need to have a fantastic wedding, or just get married quick, either thing can be done in Las Vegas. From high rise luxury property to a drive through wedding chapel they have it all. It is also a great place for a honeymoon. You can go to Hoover Dam, the Grand Canon and again stay in a beautiful hotel room. Or you can just have fun there and even find someone to marry there!
Though there is fifty dollar fee for your marriage license, there is no waiting period before you can get married. The hours of operation for getting your license vary, however, so be sure you know when you can go. You have to be 18 years of age, and you have to have proof of finalized divorce if you have been married in the past.
There are no blood tests required when getting married in Las Vegas, but you can not marry close relatives. These are common rules that apply in most states. Because things can change, be sure to look these things up immediately before your trip, so you have all the right information.