Las Vegas is one heck of a destination to choose for a wedding location. This resort city located in the Mojave Desert has its economy centered on several forms of entertainment such as the 24-hour casinos and other several means of entertainment. The focal point of Las Vegas, Nevada is known as the Strip. This is a boulevard that stretches for over 4 miles and has some exquisite themed hotels that capture the eye. There are several synchronized fountain displays. The strip also has some replicas of global attractions such as an Egyptian Pyramid and the Eiffel Tower. It is sometimes referred to as the city in the sun. To have a wedding in Vegas is the dream of many. So here is the best way to plan a Vegas wedding & pick the best Las Vegas wedding packages.
Fill out the paperwork
The budget is not exactly the first thing that you should have on your mind if you are planning to have a Vegas wedding. The weddings in Vegas are completely legal so you will definitely require a wedding license. As a couple you are required to fill out a marriage application to the state of Nevada within 60 days to the day of the wedding. The application is to be delivered in person to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau by you and your Fiancée in order for you to get a marriage license. The license in Vegas goes for $77 and the office only takes either cash or check so ensure that you are prepared for either. The office is only open till midnight and you require some proper identification. This can be either a driver’s license, passport, an ID card issued by the state or a military identification.
Booking in advance
It is completely up to the couple on whether they should book in advance. The abundance of wedding chapels means you can have a wedding that you decided upon an hour prior. However, if you choose to go down this route, you should be prepared to wait in line for your turn to get hitched. The amount of business that the Vegas wedding chapels do is astounding. These days, most couples are taking Vegas as a destination Locale which translates to choice wedding vendors and chapels getting booked faster as well as the best Las Vegas Wedding Packages in the hotel of your choice getting reserved. However, the abundance of wedding vendors means you can literally walk up to a chapel and get married as long as you have your license. You can, quite easily, hire a wedding photographer on your wedding day. In case you want to invite several guests to your wedding, booking a hotel chapel in advance would be advisable. These come with some inclusive Las Vegas Wedding Packages that are mostly inclusive of a photographer, musicians and a florist.
The Vegas weddings do not necessarily come cheap. For example the inclusive packages could cost you a pretty penny. The hotel stays in Las Vegas are also known to be quite expensive. If you are looking to save money, fly in during the off-peak season which is winter and during a weekday.
Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert so the temperatures during summer could be extremely unpleasant. The best time to get married is during winter. Spring and autumn can be quite beautiful in Vegas but this season could be expensive for weddings.