How Easy Is It To Obtain a Marriage License in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting places to get married. A large number of couples get happily married in this beautiful city every year and lose their “single” status. Over 110,000 marriage licenses are issued in Las Vegas every year! A Las Vegas marriage license can be obtained very easily, however. In most cases, it gets issued the very same day. But there are a few things couples need to keep in mind before setting out to obtain a marriage license.

Requirements for obtaining the Wedding license Most of the requirements for obtaining the wedding license are the same for both U.S.and Non-U.S.citizens. The partners must be of the opposite sex and everyone must pay the $60 marriage licensing fee to the courthouse when applying for the marriage license. This fee can be paid through different options such as a debit card or credit card. You will, however, need to provide some documents to establish your identity when applying. In all cases, both parties must be present when applying for their marriage license. No Blood Tests Luckily there are no waiting periods as there are no blood tests. That is why a lot of wedding couples choose to have their wedding here.

What is Considered Valid Identification? U.S.citizens over the age 18 will need to show valid proof of adulthood to be issued a license. What satisfies the courts need for valid identification? A state issued driver’s license, passport or any identification card issued by the state government will be sufficient. In the case of foreign natives, foreign birth certificates and a valid identification card such as proof of citizenship or permanent resident card are required.

Age Requirements: In case Minor applicants below 18, their parents or guardians should be present. But if they are not available on that day, the couple must present an original notarized statement from them in English that should state their full name, relationship with the minor, his or her name, date of birth and their consent statement for minor’s wedding.

Courthouse Information: The Las Vegas marriage bureau remains open all seven days and even during the holidays. Some holidays such as Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Christmas and Thanksgiving Day are extremely popular among people for the wedding. The courthouse used to be open 24 hours but now they have restricted their hours to 8:00 12:00(Midnight) seven days a week including holidays. If one is adventurous enough to get married during the holiday season, here is a tip that will help you. It is suggested that you use the online process that is now available to expedite service and avoid long lines. Express Window The courthouse online website has a service that allows you to fill out the marriage license online for express service at the marriage bureau. If you fill it out and submit your information, you are issued a number. Your information is kept on file until you go in. You do still have to both go in and be present with picture identification. However using this method you go through the express line and check out at the express window instead of taking the risk of standing in long lines. You have better things to do, right? When you go in you can go to the express window with your number with the hopefully very little wait time. Better Idea to Apply During the Week It is a better idea to apply for your license during the weekdays. Whether you opt to fill out the online form or not the lines are comparatively less Monday through Thursday. In case any or both of the partners are divorced, the courthouse requires the exact date and location of the divorce decree. You might also need to show the proof, so it’s a better idea to carry it along.

Is the License Valid World Wide? Your Las Vegas wedding license is valid throughout the world and is as valid as any other country’s wedding license. So, you need not worry about anything. You do however need to follow the Nevada wedding laws. Make sure that you get married within a year of obtaining your license in the state of Nevada itself.

How Do You Know If Your Las Vegas Minister Is Valid? Las Vegas Ministers are required to be authorized by the State of Nevada to perform marriages. The Ministers have been required by the State of Nevada to obtain authorization to perform marriages. It’s a good idea to call in and give the courthouse the Ministers name if you are leery of whether your chosen Minister is valid. The courthouse will be able to tell you immediately over the phone whether that Minister is licensed in the State of Nevada. There are very strict rules governing the issuance of this authorization. Check with the courthouse for licensing requirements for more information.

Do You Have to Get Married in a Church or Chapel? No. You can get married almost anywhere you want to. Las Vegas wedding Ministers do have their limits regarding where they perform wedding ceremonies, however. If you are interested in having a ceremony outside of a church or chapel, find a Las Vegas Wedding Minister who does on location weddings. When contacting them, ask where they are willing to travel to. Classy and Inexpensive Location Choices A lot of couples are choosing to get married in their hotel suites or on the famous Las Vegas strip. Those options are very popular now and good alternative ideas for the couple who don’t want the standard wedding chapel or church wedding. If you are interested in pursuing this option, having a ceremony in a scenic location can be a fun and inexpensive alternative to the typical Las Vegas Strip ceremony.