Las Vegas is one of the most romantic places to have a wedding getaway with your loved one. Vegas has built a solid reputation based on providing a broad range of over the top entertainment and relaxation facilities. You can have a unique elopement ceremony in Vegas that is not necessarily expensive since there are wedding packages to suit your budgets.

Start by finding a suitable place to get married either a church, wedding chapel or Synagogue. You can also have a simple civil ceremony at the Office of the Clark County Commissioner of Civil Marriages. Reserve the specific date you intend to get married in advance to avoid last minute hassle. Another important decision is the minister, rabbi or priest you want to officiate the wedding. You can compare prices to get the best deal. Remember that some wedding packages include offers such as flowers and photography, so make sure you know what to consider when planning your elopement.

Plan your outfits and accessories early to ensure you have exactly what you want. Remember that some chapels require you put on formal attire hence it is good to check with the chapel. Some wedding packages will take care of things like hair, nails, wedding cake, jewelry and makeup while others do not hence it is important to see what the package includes. The most important step is getting a Las Vegas marriage license which especially very easy to obtain. You can simply download and print an application online, fill it out then submit it to The Clark County Marriage Bureau. You will be required to provide your identification and if you are a minor, a legal guardian or parent should be present.

Las Vegas not only offers a beautiful and memorable get away but a convenient marriage. The marriage bureau is open 24 hours a day on Saturdays and Fridays and you will not need to produce a blood test. The ceremony takes only is minutes. Vegas being a competitive market, you can get the wedding of your dreams at a low price and get to enjoy explore the joys of a foreign country with your loved one.

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