If you are planning your wedding, you must be excited about the big day. Every girl’s dream is to have an amazing wedding ceremony, and everything to go as planned. However, for everything to go well, there are many things that you should have prepared.
Weeks or days before the wedding, some things should be well-prepared to avoid delays or postponements. As the bride, you are the main planner of the big day. So, you should have a checklist to avoid being super hysterical on that day. Below are six important things a bride should have prepared for the wedding ceremony.


1. There will be unexpected guests

Even with invitations that exactly shows the number of guests you expect from both families, you will have unexpected guests. If you are lucky, some will inform you before the ceremony. However, in most cases, there are some who will show up knowing you cannot chase them away.

2. The suppliers

Keep in mind that you will have good suppliers and bad suppliers. So, when preparing for the wedding, be prepared on how to deal with bad suppliers. When choosing suppliers, know about the quality of their services, the cost, and ask for referrals. Research by looking in wedding forums to ensure you get rid of the bad ones. Also, you should have a backup plan in case the chosen ones fail to deliver. Every supplier plays an important role and hence we should only pick reliable companies to make the ceremony a success.

3. Some things will go wrong 

No wedding is completely perfect. From a drunkard uncle to late delivery of flowers, be prepared that some things will go wrong. But that’s normal. Since you have many people helping you to make the day perfect, your friends, relatives and suppliers, you should not worry too much. And if something goes wrong, just know it is part of the wedding.

4. Prepare your shoes

Many brides are always disappointed with their wedding shoes. For instance, do not wear heels on your wedding day unless you are a frequent wearer. Choose a pair of shoes that you are familiar with. Also, prepare separate comfortable shoes as a backup. You should also have a comfortable pair to wear while dancing at the reception.

5. Prepare a wedding emergency kit 

Even if you are 100 percent prepared, you should have an emergency kit on your wedding day. There is a possibility that someone will stand on your gown. So prepare an emergency kit with safety pins, needle, thread, jelly, wipes, deodorant, tissues and hair clips.

6. Prepare all your accessories 

Preparing your accessories and packing them in one bag is very important. You do not want to start looking for a hair clip or your earrings in the morning of your special day. Pack your shoes, jewelry, undergarments, hair accessories and other things you need in one bag. Then keep the bag next to the gown.

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. By following the above tips, you will be prepared to have a special, memorable day.