The groom is often dressed in the same colors as his best man and this may involve buying suits which is an expensive affair. The less costly alternative you may think of is to hire your wedding suit just for the day. After all, if it is not a design that you can comfortably wear on other days, there is no need spending lots of money purchasing a one-day use attire.

Hired Suits are Stylish

If you have specific ideas or your fiancée feels that a particular outfit will bring out the best in you on the big day, talk over it with the hire shop to see what you come out with. You don’t have to force yourself into an outfit, just get the best for your style.

Check for Coordinating Accessories

Most hire shops also stock accessories such as cummerbunds, ties, shirts, and even shoes. It is okay to ask whether they have distinct accessories for the groom so that they can distinguish him from the rest of the entourage. For instance, if the group is having green ties and creamy waistcoats, you can choose a green waistcoat and a cream tie for the groom.

Plan Ahead

In the run up to the wedding, men vary in weight. For this reason, your fitting should not be too far in advance. You can slot the initial fitting session approximately 3 months to the wedding. In a few days before the big day, arrange for the final fitting and picking up of the suits. This will give you time for last minute changes just in case of weight issues.

Read the Fine Print

Hiring wedding suits come with terms of conditions that you need to be conversant with. Check out for cost of cleaning, alterations, and the size of the deposit. Knowing when to return can also save you on unnecessary penalties.

Always think of comfort, style, and have your suit professionally fitted. Your Las Vegas wedding can be exciting with a good selection of wedding suits.