If you want to think outside the box and make your wedding an event where your dreams meet your folly, Las Vegas may be for you. More than 100,000 couples every year choose this Vice City to deliver one of the most serious lifetime vows. Las vegas weddings are recognized as the one of the most beautiful and innovative wedding ceremonies in the world. Along with the growing popularity of this city, the “chapels” and self-proclaimed wedding organizers have multiplied and still continuing to multiply every year. You have the opportunity to make your wedding go wild in the valley of fire or in a ghost town in the desert … In short, the varied landscapes of Las Vegas will help you develop different wedding themes based on your wishes.

It is up to you to plan your wedding on-site or beforehand. If you plan your wedding beforehand, as done in most las vegas weddings, you just need to book a private chapel or hotel on the required dates of your wedding that will organize for your wedding. Simply select the program of ceremonies and that’s it. Professionals Las Vegas weddings look after every detail so that your wedding day is wonderfully successful.


Las Vegas is full of chapels (fifty) specialized in marriage, that can unite your destinies for only about $ 250.

In all cases, you can get married spontaneously, but if you want a bit of originality and organization, it is best to book the chapel a few days in advance.


Las Vegas is America in all its excess. So you can afford what you want, depending on your tastes, your budget and your dreams with incredible hotels that populate the “strip”. Many hotels offer themed dream for honeymooners, for prices ranging between $ 350 and US $ 3,500.

License and Certificate of Marriage

Before going to the chapel or place of your wedding ceremony, the bride and groom will have to get a marriage license that costs around $ 55 which is obtained from the Las Vegas County Court House.

After the wedding ceremony, the spouses receive from the authority a marriage certificate entitled “Marriage Certificate”.

Ask them a copy of the marriage certificate ($ 7), which will be essential if you want to validate your marriage back in your country. As a precaution, do ask for more international certificates for a full proof to your wedding.

Age Requirements

You must be 18 years or older or must have permission from your parents or guardian in writing. If you have been previously married, you must have with you your divorce certificate that includes the date and place where the deed was recorded.


You should carry your passport.


You must have with you a cookie. That said, it is possible to “rent” the services of a witness, for example, an Elvis impersonator, who may very well play the role of witness and sign the required location.

Saving Your Marriage

– When you return to your country, your marriage will be valid only if you register your certificate in the registery of civil status .

– For this you will need to send them the following documents:

– Photocopy of the “Marriage License”

– Photocopy of “Marriage Certificate” obtained on the day of the wedding ceremony

– American Marriage Act (Certified Copy) coated with the Apostille: the original “Full Marriage Certificate” or the original “Certified Abstract of Marriage

-The birth certificate copy of each spouse

-Proof of nationality : copy of ID card or a valid passport

-An envelope : A4 half-size (9 “x 6”) with your name and address stamped $ 5 (postage to get the United States).


Some brilliant ideas of Las vegas weddings-

– A wedding at sunrise balloon or simply in your car!

– Accompanied by Elvis wedding officiant like!

– Helicopter over the Grand Canyon

– A medieval wedding, a royal service in a setting of a castle.

– Aboard a pirate ship. A hacker will break from the top of the mat to ensure your rings! .

– In the Star Trek spaceship with witnesses Klingon and Ferengi guests .

– A romantic gondola ride or on a bridge near the Piazza San Marco.

– A wedding rollercoaster .

In conclusion, if you want marriage stops on this city, the most impressive of which is Nevada, you’ll surely have a lot of fun planning the event, especially to celebrate. A Las Vegas wedding can be a simple wedding, but it is rarely boring!

The varied landscapes of Las Vegas will help you develop different wedding themes based on your wishes.