If you are the groom, it may seem to you that the wedding is all about your bride. Well, you are right: for the most part, it is. The groom does have a role to play, though, and there are some things that every groom should remember and know about weddings.

The first thing that grooms need to realize is that although the wedding day is only one day, for most women, it is the most eagerly anticipated day of her life. So although you may think that it is silly to spend so much time and money on a wedding, don’t say that to your fiancee! You might think that you are realistic, but to a bride, it will feel like you are stepping on her dreams.

Even though the bride will be the focus of the vegas weddings, the groom can be a part of the planning. Offer to help with the things that interest you, like the food, the cake, and the music. Many grooms today are getting even more involved, by really helping to craft the overall design and theme of the wedding. This can be particularly ideal if you have some cultural traditions that you would like to include in your wedding. If you want to wear a kilt, by all means, speak up! Your bride will be glad to see that you have an interest in planning the wedding.

One thing that the groom must do for himself is select his best man and groomsmen. Think carefully about this. Your best man should be someone that you not only feel close to but that you can trust with the wedding rings. For the sake of peace and harmony, try not to avoid choosing a friend for a groomsman that you know your bride despises, especially if she thinks that he is a bad influence! Once you have picked your attendants, you will also want to give them special groomsmen gifts. Yes, you could let the bride choose the gifts for your groomsmen, but they will be more personal if you do it yourself. Even guys who hate shopping will find that they can get their groomsmen gifts taken care of quickly and painlessly, if they buy them online.

Another thing that the groom needs to think about is his attire for the wedding. For many men, this means going to the local formal wear shop to get measured for the tuxedo the bride has picked out. Some men, though, care more about their wedding day attire, and may wish to have a custom suit made. It can be nice for the groom to get to have one indulgence especially for him on the wedding day.

If you are the sort of fellow who does not care at all about clothing, you still want to ensure that you look your absolute best for your wedding. This means getting your hair cut the week of the wedding, allowing enough time for a good shave (no nicks or cuts in the wedding photos!), and not waiting until the last second to get dressed for the wedding. You also want to ensure that you are fresh and clear-headed for the ceremony, which means turning in early the night before the wedding, no matter what your buddies are doing after the rehearsal dinner.
The most important thing that a groom can do, of course, is to love and support his bride. Vegas weddings and planning can be a thrilling and emotional time, and your fiancee will need your help to survive it. Just remember, the wedding will pass before you know it, and you will soon have her all back to yourself!

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