Wedding planning is a lot much work this is the reason why most weddings are carried out by wedding planners who charge according to the desired taste of the groom and bride. Although with the aid of an event planner it still is a hard issue to pull cause of different taste from suggestions originating from bride, groom family and outsiders it takes strength and perseverance. Most wedding’s have a theme at which it is graced or planned to these themes are brought possible by ideas. Mostly themes requested from the couples to be to the wedding planner always come with the idea of setting the difference of their weeding and that of others or friends.

Themes of wedding are brought by color of attire by the couples or the music at entrance or words being said on your vows tends to set a pace or theme for wedding, all these gives a wedding beautiful themes that keeps the wedding in a big memory lane



A brides maid are the group of persons in the brides party, but majorly the persons in this group are majorly close relatives, sister ,work friend, best friend etc.


1. Color:

The idea of getting the right color and dress for your bride’s maid puts the life and theme at a brighter side, this is cause ladies tend to show beauty in group with smiling faces showing the joy they have for a bride so a first idea is thinking of the color and dress of the brides maid.

2. Mode of entry:

The mode of entrance acts as way of overwhelming the audience keeping them, in awe even till the end of the event

3. Selection of brides maid:

The selection isn’t an easy task for the bride as it seems persons that chosen for this task are close so some friends could get mad for not being included on the bridal train. But with a careful selection another step is been taken to giving the bridal train a nice theme

4. Elegance in your maid of honor:

There should be an exquisite difference between the bride’s maid and that of the maid of honor although they all are on the bridal train but since in weeding licensing in the United States of America the Maid of honor is regarded among others for witnessing, the difference should be crystal

5. Album preference:

The way at which pictures are being taken by the bride and her maid should show style and beauty in all ramifications

6. Good designer:

For any good bridal train or maid to maintain a good theme in a weeding the design on the attire should posses experience and beauty all around it.

7. Planner:

Ideas from the planner could also help quality theme regarding there experience on various wedding and occasions they worked on.

8. Mindset of difference:

With the mindset of creating something off what has been done in weddings in the aspect of brides maid you see a whole new theme on the bride’s maid on the day of the wedding.

9. Open to opinions:

As a bride looking for the best your choice or ideas could be limited so being open to decisions and opinions from relatives and creating a mix up ignites your ideas b y the time you add them up.

As a bride in search for an extra-ordinary theme for your bride’s maid these ideas in its other should do for you thanks, a wonderful wedding to you.