It would be nice to walk down the aisle on Valentine’s Day and exchange marriage vows in a beautiful chapel but it would even be better to do it a chapel specifically designed for romance. But not a lot of churches have that romantic feel since they weren’t specifically built for weddings. It’s hard to find a church with the perfect ambiance for a special occasion that you don’t want to forget. Where are you going to find that? In Las Vegas, of course!

A Lot to Choose From
Having the highest number of weddings in a day means there are several places in Vegas that conducts wedding ceremonies. It also means there are a wide variety of chapels in Vegas to choose from. You’ll be surprised to find that almost everything is catered for in Las Vegas chapels. Literally from every corner of Las Vegas, there are wedding chapels; some located along highways, others by-ways and still some is serene environments perfect for a private wedding.
Fun and Exciting Themes
If you want a wedding that you’ll never forget, then you might be interested in themed weddings. A lot of chapels offer these packages because Las Vegas is all about the flashy themes. Any theme you can think of, they have it. For those looking for an intimate wedding chapel with a more traditional approach, it may prove to be a bit less selection. The Riviera Hotel Chapel has an elegant wedding chapel for your elopement right inside the hotel. Having your chapel within the hotel makes planning your wedding details easier. Chapels in Las Vegas are perfect for a fun yet romantic wedding. While your researching and getting ready to plan your wedding, be sure to sign up to win a Royale Wedding?


Grand and Extravagant
There are also chapels that are huge and extravagant. These are perfect for couples who want a taste of the rich life. Experience a grand wedding in several chapels in Las Vegas that offer these packages. Some deals even include a grand feast after the ceremony. They may be a bit costly but it’s definitely worth it.

Simplicity is Beauty
If you want a simple and intimate wedding without a lot of fuss, then you’d be surprised to know that Las Vegas can make that happen. Vegas is so famous for its extravagant themed weddings that a lot of people the world over know about it. There are actually wedding packages for a traditional-style church wedding and these packages are quite popular.

Inspired From Romantic Places
To escape for a while from the busy streets of Las Vegas, chapels have fashioned their design after famous romantic spots such as Paris, Tuscany and Venice. These will make you feel like you were in a completely different place. It’s the perfect setting for the hopeless romantics and for those who dreamed of destination weddings. You can now finally make your dreams come true in Las Vegas chapels.

All the different chapels in Las Vegas are unique in their own sense and it’s up to you to decide how you want to remember your wedding day. Do you want a fun and exciting themed wedding or an almost-destination wedding? Would you rather have a grand wedding ball or a small, intimate and simple celebration? Whatever you want, Las Vegas can give it to you.