A glamorous, Las Vegas wedding is a total dream for so many people around the world. The bright lights of Vegas are a real draw-card for some people when it comes to a destination wedding or secret elopement!


There are some things to consider when you are planning your Vegas wedding package, so we have put together some ideas and pointers to help you along the journey.


Consider the season

You don’t want to pick a date right in the middle of a sweltering Summer, it might make for an exhausting and uncomfortable experience for you and your guests. If you are coming from a cooler climate overseas, the heat will be even more extreme for you, so choose a mild season such as Autumn or Spring.


Brainstorm your dream aesthetic

What do you imagine when you daydream about your Vegas wedding? Make a list or a dream board of images, then go online and research the different options that match your vision. There is an abundance of chapels, hotels, and wedding venues who are expert at supplying dream weddings. Start planning well in advance so you can communicate your ideas with a few different venues to see how they can help you, and what the cost will be.


Make a guest list and figure out a budget

If you are coming from overseas, invite who you know will make the trip over, and can afford the fare. For most people, a trip to Vegas will be a welcome holiday away! Once you have confirmed your guest list, find a hotel that has enough availability for your guests to all stay at the same hotel together. If this is the same hotel where your reception and/or ceremony will be, even better! Having suites handy for guests and yourself to freshen-up and have a moment of peace will really make the experience a lot calmer. Then, figure out a realistic budget and start booking in advance to get cheaper deals.


Have fun and make the most of it!

While in Vegas, have fun! Make sure you have a day or two on either side of the wedding so you can relax and enjoy the company of your spouse and your friends.