As you walk down the aisle in one of the best wedding chapels in Las Vegas, you wouldn’t want to feel as if part of you is missing. Everyone wants to bring out their best possible version on this day. For the bride, this means a splurge on a wide range of beauty treatments. As you select the treatments for this occasion, it is advisable you try out a few in advance so that you can be sure of their suitability. Below are some of the essential treatments you may want to look at.


This is an excellent way to soothe your pre-wedding nerves as well as boost your skin appearance especially on your back and the shoulder region. If the gown you are wearing has a backless design and you have a dry spotty or dull back, request for a radiance boosting treatment. The appropriate time for a massage is at least 5 days to your wedding.


This is one of the common indulgent treats which leaves your skin sparkling. It may be important to let your therapist know your skin type so that they can in turn recommend products for you to continue using at home. Facials may cause a breakout and hence you need to drink plenty of water. Book a facial at least 3 days to your wedding.

Hair Removal Treatment

There are several hair removal options, but one of the most common and recommended is waxing. It produces good results and can last anything up to 4 weeks. A laser therapy is another effective method for unwanted hair, but it is more appropriate with those dark hair and fair skin. When to book will largely depend on the type of treatment.

Manicure and Pedicure

Do you want to add a feminine and elegant finish to your Las Vegas bridal look? French tips are one of the favorite, but you can as well add a pop of colors to your nails. If you want to stay chip-free, go for treatments such as shellac or gel. Book at least a day before your wedding.

Other treatments include threading, teeth whitening, tanning, and hair dressing. Every bride has their own routine, but don’t overhaul your image in a single day.